To create a regional event that inspires and equips students to unite as one body, under one God, for one mission. We recognize that it’s more challenging than ever for students to live out their faith boldly. We believe that by coming together in worship and in mission, we can build a network of faith-fueled students who are not only willing, but equipped to live and love like Jesus in their schools and neighborhoods.



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MAY 10



LATE - MAY 31, 2019


All SERVICE fees for each registration were covered by a generous donation from the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. That means no service fees for you when you register your group!



  • 5:00PM - Registration Opens
  • 6:30PM - Main Session Doors Open
  • 7:00PM - Main Session #1
  • 9:00PM - Break
    • Fun Zone Open
    • Leaders Lounge Open
  • 10:00PM - Taylor Mason
  • 11:30PM - Dismiss


  • 8:30AM - Main Session Doors Open
  • 9:00AM - Main Session #2
  • 10:30AM - Transition
  • 11:00AM - BREAKOUTS *click for details
    • Middle School Experience (Coliseum Arena)
    • High School Breakouts (Hillside Baptist or Moncton Wesleyan)
    • Middle School Leader’s Breakout (Coliseum Leader’s Lounge)
  • 12:00PM - 3:30PM - Free Time
    • - Grab some lunch
    • - Fun Zone activities are open 12:00pm-3:30pm
    • - Do whatever you like!
  • 2:30 - 3:30PM - High School Leader’s Breakout (Coliseum Leader’s Lounge)
  • 3:30PM - Main Session Doors Open
  • 4:00PM - Main Session #3
  • 6:00PM - Head Home!
ONE Plus+

Breakout registrations are now live! If you've already registered, simply log back into your registration account and choose your spots. If you haven't registered yet, it will be automatically included in your registration process. Here are our breakout locations, topics, and a video to answer all your burning questions. See you soon!

Hillside Baptist Location

Beloved: Changing the Identity of a City.

Woke Church
Moncton Wesleyan Location

Are you SENT?

What is a human worth? Precious or eXpendable?
The One Conference is for students Grades 6-12 and their youth leaders.
- Early Bird is $75 and is open from Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, 2019.

- Regular Bird is $80 and is open March 1 to May 10, 2019.

- Late Bird is $90 and is open May 11 to May 31, 201
No, all churches are required to make their own arrangements for food & lodging.
Once a payment is made, refunds cannot be processed but in the event of a cancellation, registration fees may be transferred to a new name.
Aside from meals and accomodations everything else is included in your registration. Any extra cash you bring will be for extra snacks, shopping, etc. Otherwise we have you covered!
The fun activities put on by the One Con are at no extra charge to you. They are included in the cost of admission.
Yes. All who attend are required to register in full. This helps keep the cost lower for students. We are confident that youth leaders and chaperones will also benefit from the weekend.
No, ONE is designed as a closed conference as opposed to an evening rally or festival. All participants are required to register in full.
No. ONE is designed to be experienced with your churches and youth ministries. Encourage your church to attend if you’re interested or hop in with a church that is planning to attend.
Depending on the accommodations you choose for your group there will be things you will need for that (towels, bedding, toiletries, etc). Aside from the over night items all you need to bring is a smile and extra spending money.
The Saturday morning BREAKOUT slot is an opportunity for us to offer some age-specific content for middle school students, high school students, and church leaders; all at the same time!

The plan works like this:

At the conclusion of Main Session #2, we’ll invite middle school students (and their church leaders) to stick around the Coliseum arena for an epic, MSX (Middle School Experience). This will be a high-energy, fun-filled, meaningful experience for the students. Event Host Kellen Moore will be sharing at MSX.

At the same time, we’ll invite high school students and their leaders to attend their breakouts at either Moncton Wesleyan Church, or Hillside Baptist Church. Each church will be hosting two breakouts, for a total of four options. We recommend that your group chooses one site, and then students can choose whichever of the two options appeals most to them. Sign-up for these breakouts can be done under your registration account on our website.

And we didn’t forget our amazing leaders! We’re committed to making ONE Conference an event that feels like a win for you to attend with your students. So this year we are offering you an exclusive Breakout just for leaders that will be hosted by Carlos Whittaker. If you are hanging with your middle school students, you’ll be able to attend with group one during the MSX at the Coliseum. If you’re hanging with your high school students during the workshops, we’ll be offering the SAME BREAKOUT for you from 2:30-3:30pm in the Leader’s Lounge at the Coliseum.

The bottom line during this portion of the day is this: You’ll likely need to divide and conquer. Send half of your leaders with your middle school students, and half with your high school students. You can all reunite at the Coliseum at 12:00pm and proceed with your afternoon plans from there. If you are traveling alone with a group of students, you’ll simply need to choose to participate in either the MSX or High School Breakouts.

NO BUSES THIS YEAR! Last year we provided buses to quickly facilitate transportation to our off-site Breakouts, but this year we decided to forgo the high cost and logistical chaos of that and allow groups to drive themselves to High School Breakouts. Thanks for your understanding with this!
A few, very generous churches have opened their doors to a limited number of people to overnight in their buildings on Friday, May 31. Please *click here* for a list of those churches, along with their contact information that you can use to reach out to them if you are interested. PLEASE be aware that all churches on this list have the full right to change their mind or limit how many people they can accept, and impose their own terms and conditions. If you are contacting any of them, please approach with humility and grace, understanding that they are doing YOU a big favor.


Title: Beloved: Changing the Identity of a City.
Facilitators: Andrew Glidden
Description: Coffee shops, construction companies, art galleries: they’re all part of a bustling city. What if you could use these everyday things to point people to the Kingdom of God by employing the unemployable, reclaiming abandoned buildings, and giving people space to pursue the passions God has given them? Outflow is on a journey to see their city take on a new identity. Not one of hopelessness, but of hopefulness found only in Jesus Christ.
Bio: Outflow Ministry Inc. is a Christian faith-based charity that works with people in Saint John who live in poverty. We address, unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs.
Facebook: outflowsj & catapultcoffeeandstudio
Instagram: @outflowsj & @catapultcoffeeandstudio

Title: Woke Church
Facilitator: Matthew Thomas
Description: Matthew Thomas will challenge us to embrace our call as Christians to confront injustice and be agents of racial reconciliation.
Bio: Matthew is from the beautiful community of East Preston, Nova Scotia. He currently serves as the site pastor at Deep Water Dartmouth and has a heart for church planting and the mission of Christ to make disciples.
He’s a servant leader and a gifted communicator. His desire is to help people find their identity in Christ so they can live out their God given purpose. He’s passionate about social justice issues and believes the church ought to have a prophetic voice in the face of injustice affecting our city and world.


Title: Are you SENT?
Facilitators: Adrian Gardner and Louise Knowles
Description: We are SENT as God’s people living up to and into the call to be disciples in a world of disparity and injustice. Join us for a discussion about what it means to live up to, and into, the call to be SENT as God’s people into a world of disparity and injustice
Bio: Adrian Gardner is the team lead for Church Engagement and Director of the SENT program for Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM). Louise Knowles is the Coordinator for youth and young adult engagement and the SENT program with CBM.

Title: What is a human worth? Precious or eXpendable?
Facilitator: Joanna Doak
Description: How is it possible that in 2019 people are still being bought and owned, used and abused, rented and sold? Does it happen here in Atlantic Canada or only in countries far away? What does the reality look like? Can we actually do anything to end human trafficking? Join Joanna Doak and some of the cast of eXpendable (a musical about sex trafficking in North America) as we tackle these questions and more with openness, grace, and creativity.
Bio:Rev. Joanna Doak is the Artistic Director of Chameleon Jo Productions (a not-for-profit creative arts organization) and creator of eXpendable (a musical about the reality of sex trafficking in North America). Jo is also the Youth and Creative Outreach Coordinator for the Atlantic Baptist Women and an adjunct professor of Communication Arts: Theatre at Crandall University.
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