high school workshops

Middle School students will all attend a special experience designed specifically for them during the workshop time slot!

Facilitator: Janna Ehrenholz Room Location: MH 133

So, you're supposed to study the Bible, cuz that's a good thing to do as a Christian and it'll help you grow or something. But how do you even go about doing that? And can the stories of the Bible actually make a practical difference in your life as a teenager? I dare you to find out. Come participate in a manuscript Bible study that can be so easy, anyone could do it and so impactful that you may never be the same again.
Facilitator: Joanna Doak Room Location: MH 240

It's believed that over 27 million people are enslaved around the world today. In order to stop it, we have to be able to talk about it...we have to be able to recognize it. We'll look at the different forms of trafficking far away and here at home. We'll look at ways you can get involved in the fight for freedom. Proverbs 31:8-9
Facilitator: Carolyn Pyke Room Location: SH 222

Join the discussion on what is mental wellness, what does it look like in you life, and learn some strategies to help you conquer self-doubt, improve your sleep and reeeeeelllllaaaaaxxxxxx.
Facilitator: Dave Sylvain Room Location: Student Centre

Every farmer knows that if they want to grow the best fruit, they'll need to keep it off the ground with a simple structure called a trellis. In order to really see the fruit of the Spirit grow in you, it might be time for you to add a trellis to your life! The Rule of Life will show you a simple and practical way you can add the growth-inducing structure of spiritual disciplines to all of the rhythms of your life such as relationships, work, rest, and fun.
Facilitator: Dave Sylvain Room Location: Student Centre

What's one of, if not the biggest thing, that shapes you as a person? The answer is who you are close to and surround yourself with. What's one of, if not the biggest ways, you shape others? By who you are and how loving of a friend and person you are to others. This session will help you discuss the difference between good, bad, better, and best friendships, what you can do about this, and how to ultimately do friendships well.
Facilitator: Tom Pettigrew Room Location: SH 127

Sitting in a camel farmer's tent in the Jordanian desert had me asking myself, "How did a small-town Canadian kid like me, end up here?" In an increasingly diverse world, interacting with people who are different than you is important. Jesus demonstrated grace-filled encounters with all sorts of people. We need to do that too! So, whether you are traveling overseas or can't get along with a classmate, this gives you a tool to engage any situation.
Facilitator: Beth van Hoeve Room Location: SH 213

My boyfriend dumped me. I shaved off my long, blonde hair. I got rid of all my social media accounts. The world pressures us to feel, look and be a certain way. But the Kingdom-life has more to offer! What does Jesus have to say about our looks, our relationship status and our identity?
Facilitator: Josh Smith Room Location: SH 117

Finding simple ways to engage God on the daily really isn't as impossible as it feels. Come find out about mobile apps, simple tricks and little changes to find God in the normal.
Facilitator: TBA Room Location: SH 200

Going to college or university is more than the diploma or degree. Your next chapter is filled with characters whose stories will intersect yours. It's full of plot twists based on the decisions you make. It's filled with opportunity to be part of a community where relationships matter, where following Jesus is a faith adventure.
Facilitator: TBA Room Location: SH 200

So, you want to build a well for a community in need? The bad news is you don’t have the cash to pay for it. The good news is, God does! This workshop will provide you with practical advice on how to raise the money you need to fund the ministry God is calling you to. Working together we will: Understand fundraising as an act of worship. Practice effective communicate so people will care. Explore principles to guide any fundraising appeal.
Facilitator: Brian Stockford Room Location: SH 218

In life we all believe in something. However, the way we live in and around our friends and classmate ultimately shows who or what we have faith in. Do you believe in Jesus yet struggle in really representing him in your school? In this session discover how you can best represent Jesus and your faith in your everyday life .
Facilitator: Adrian Gardner Room Location: SH 253

#slumfies #msinformed #waitareminiskirtsillegalhere? The bio for the Barbie® Savior Instagram reads: “It’s not about me… but it kind of is.” Do short-term mission trips really help those who we go to serve? Are they really self-serving? Can we do this better? This is a call. To be SENT OUT cross-culturally, to serve and learn alongside the local church in the majority world. And to respond in return being SENT BACK; informed and empowered to take action in your local community. BE SENT. Reshape your world.
Facilitator: Louise Knowles Room Location: SH 203

In this workshop, we'll compare and contrast the good and the not-so-good through a series of "commercials" of those in need. What's wrong with Ed Sheeran anyway? How can Batman® make it right? How do media portrayals of people in need do harm? We know first-hand the needs are great, but whose need is it that will really be met? #stereotypesharmdignity #shapeofyou #blindspotshurtothers
Facilitator: Jen Smith Room Location: MH 239

The arts can add a wonderful dimension to our daily devotions, and our creative efforts can help us develop a more personal connection to God. In this session we will be responding to scripture using different mediums such as visual art, dance, creative writing and sculpture.
Facilitator: Alyssa Esparaz Room Location: SH 023

For a generation that has a full and instant view of all the poverty, injustice and brokenness in the world through the screens in our pockets, it can be hard to believe God has a plan in the midst of it all. But the good news is that He is writing a beautiful story of redemption, and He is inviting each of us to be a part of it. Come join us as we examine poverty and injustice, and together discover how God is uniquely calling and equipping each of us to spread his love, hope and good news in the midst of it all.
Facilitator: Mike McNeill Room Location: MH 238

How to share the good news in a world of bad news and fake news.
Facilitator: Marc Jolicouer Room Location: SH 212

"Are you satisfied with the way your church approaches worship? Do you feel a passion for leading others in worship? Do you know how? Do you know why? If you feel drawn to helping shape the culture of worship in your local church, please consider joining us for a conversation about the ins & outs of worship leadership, and how to approach involvement regardless of age, skill level, or church dynamic."
Facilitator: Pat Steeves Room Location: MH 292

This "Culture Shock" workshop will inspire and awaken you with practical and tangible applications to creating a “Culture of Evangelism” that will increase the outreach capacity in your Youth Group. "The Non Negotiable's," when applied with the right approach, can make a world of difference no matter the youth group's size, geographical location or cultural differences. “It’s time to Awaken your generation.”
Facilitator: Heather Mitton Room Location: MH 294

Oh, high school. If you had a nickel for every time someone asked you what your future plans were, I bet you’d have a lot of nickels. Everyone tells us to find our purpose and pursue our passions, but sometimes that can feel totally overwhelming. Is it even possible? Is it that big a deal? Come talk about where purpose and passion fit into your life, what God might think of the whole thing, and how we can stop pressure from ruining them both.